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Thirsty birds struggle to survive in scorching India heatwave

Summer in India has brought record high temperatures which has made life difficult for humans and animals alike, with scientists warning that climate change is intensifying and increasing the frequency of such events.

With this heat intensity, an animal hospital in Ahmedabad has treated over 2,000 birds, many of whom are frail and dehydrated, with some having broken wings after falling from trees.

Dr Nidhi Sharma feeds a parakeet at Jivdaya Charitable Trust in Ahmedabad, on May 3, 2022. PHOTO: AFP

The co-founder of the trust managing the hospital has spoken up that they are treating at least 50 birds on a daily basis since India's temperature is soaring up to 46 degrees Celcius. Because the scorching heat coincided with the end of the breeding season for several bird species, the facility had to treat a huge number of chicks and fledglings.

Every day, a steady stream of volunteers and members of the public send the birds in cardboard boxes or baskets to be documented, weighed, tagged, and inspected by a veterinarian.

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