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SMU PAW Animal Day 2021 has partnered with the following Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs).

Money donated will be used for feeding the animals, paying for essential medications, supporting medical bills, supporting the fostering process and maintaining the place the animals live in.

Find out more about these amazing SuPAWheroes who have made it their mission to save and care for dogs, cats and hamsters in need of loving homes:

Do note that the PayNow QR codes will be at the end of the form, your donation* would have to be made directly to each individual AWG.

The donation period will be from 26th August to 12th September

*As part of our appreciation for your generous donation, you will be granted an entry into our lucky draw! Terms and Conditions apply.

If you are facing any issues, you can Telegram @pearlynsia or email to

of $1200 raised so far


*The amount will be updated at the end of every day!

e.g. Project Luni - $25, CAS - $10

Do take note of the Payee's name when making your transaction and include "SMU PAW" under your transaction remarks!

Your donation amount is to be made directly to EACH AWG.



UEN: 201314186Z






UEN: 201406657D


Project Luni

UEN: 201829202G

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Consent Clause

By submitting this Form, you agree that Singapore Management University (SMU) as represented by SMU People for Animal Welfare may collect, use and disclose your personal data that you provide in this Form for the following purpose(s): i) Administrative and safety matters regarding your participation in SMU PAW Animal Day 2021 .


If you are providing someone else’s personal data or submitting this Form on behalf of someone else, you hereby represent, warrant and declare that you have obtained consent from the named individual(s) in this Form, for the collection, use and disclosure of his or her personal data by you to SMU.


You also consent to the disclosure of the personal data provided by you in this Form, to SMU’s partners or affiliates and other third party service providers that SMU may engage from time to time. If any of the personal data provided by you in this Form is disclosed to SMU’s partners or affiliates, and/or third party service providers, SMU will ensure that the disclosure is in accordance with the PDPA.


If you wish to find out more about SMU’s personal data protection policy, please view SMU’s Personal Data Protection Statement at data-protection. Should you wish at any time to withdraw your consent for the collection, use, and/or disclosure of your personal data after submitting this Form, please contact us at

Your response has been submitted successfully! Thanks for contributing to the AWGs and making the animals life better!

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